Diagnosis of hypothyroidism and natural treatments

Diagnosis of hypothyroidism is important, as can save the patient’s life. It should be diagnosed at a very early age and stage so that it can be cured.

Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist

Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist 2The hypothyroidism symptoms checklist involves checking the levels of Thyroxine (T4) and Thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH) in the person’s blood

An individual observed with high levels of the stimulating hormone and low levels of thyroxine is said to be having the disease while a person with high level of the stimulating hormone but has normal level of thyroxine is said to be at a high risk of getting the disease in the near future since this is the early stage of the disease.

A scan of the thyroid will be conducted if the results of the tests are abnormal.

People are advised and encourage by doctors to have blood tests more often so as to see your probability of getting the disease.

Treatment for hypothyroidism symptoms

Taking of medicine. Doctors usually prescribe Levothyroxine to hypothyroidism patients. The patient consumes a tablet daily.

Treatment by Triiodothyronine and levothyroxine. Some doctors can recommend the usage of the two synthetic drugs at the same time even though it isn’t recommended since they have side effects.

Pregnant women with this conditions are usually referred to specialists so that they can be carefully treated and monitored

Lack of hypothyroidism treatment might make the patient to be infertile, suffer from heart problems and have pains in the joints.

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More about Hypothyroidism symptoms and solutions

Hypothyroidism symptoms in teenagers – Teenagers with this condition usually delay to reach puberty, are short because of poor growth and their permanent teeth take longer to develop.

Hypothyroidism in women – Hypothyroidism symptoms observed in women include:

A slow heart beat even when one is not in resting or is doing a number of activities

A swelling in the front part of the neck

Thyroid symptoms women are observed to look very tired and depressed and the have falling out hair which is observed especially when combing.

Feeling cold more than usual and having a dry skin

Other thyroid problem symptoms that can be observed in both men and women include:

Having frequent constipation, feeling abnormally weak, swellings and pains on the joint having memory loss and having abnormal coughs that aren’t associated to coldness.

Causes of hypothyroidism

hashimoto hypothyroidism symptomsHashimoto thyroiditis. It is a disorder of the immune system that causes the synthesis of antibodies that attack and impair the thyroid gland. Thyroiditis is a viral infection

X-rays radiation. Radiation therapy done on the neck usually destroys cells thus reducing the capability of the gland to produce enough hormones.

Heart and Mental Medicines. The use of medicines that cure problems of the heart and psychiatric conditions usually affect the synthesis of the thyroid hormone and causes hypothyroidism

Radioactive treatment of hyperthyroidism by using iodine. People whose thyroid gland produces excess hormone usually tend to undergo this radioactive treatment process that lead to hypothyroidism.

Removing the thyroid gland. Surgery carried out to remove the gland leads to this condition. Learn how to fix your thyroid here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGEDw1BYxNY

Insufficient iodine content in the diet. Iodine is a very important component needed in the synthesis of the thyroid hormone and if it isn’t adequately added in the diet hypothyroidism may occur

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Thyroid cancer & Hypothyroidism causes and symptoms

Thyroid cancer is a cancer of the neck and it arises when bizarre Follicular and Parafollicular cells grow in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland which is found in the neck manufactures hormones that regulates the usage of energy in the body and enable it to function properly.

Causes of thyroid cancer

Changes in DNA cells contributes to this cancer, but there is no specific cause of the cancer. It is mostly inherited from the parents who have it.

Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) symptoms. HYPOTHYROIDISM is a condition that arises when the thyroid gland fails to manufacture insufficient hormones for the body thus causing an upset in the chemical reactions of the body.

Women are the most people affected by it even though both men and infants

Signs of hypothyroidism.

symptoms of underactive thyroidUnderactive thyroid affects both men, women and infants but it is most commonly found in women.

Symptoms of underactive thyroid usually vary depending with the level of hormone deficiency in the body. Fatigue and weight gain are usually not easily noticed in the early stages because of the strong metabolism but as you grow old and it begins to slow down more prominent and obvious signs are observed.

Underactive thyroid in infants.

Thyroid problem symptoms in newborn babies include:

Whitening of the eyes and jaundice- a condition that causes the skin to look yellowing like

Choking while eating

A puffy face

Having a big and protruding tongue. If you kid, has some of these symptoms, watch this video! youtube.com/watch?v=wGEDw1BYxNY

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Best hypothyroidism story

This is truly the best hypothyroidism story!

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